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With Annotation now available and my year as Scholar in Residence at Hypothesis wrapping up, here are some notes about my summer if you’re looking to connect, learn more about social annotation and my research, and jump into some fun activities. You’re also very welcome to contact me and follow #AnnoConvo for book updates.

June 3: Keynoting University of Delaware 2021 Summer Institute on Teaching

I’m excited to visit with the University of Delaware community and share a fresh take on the centuries-old practice of annotation, explore the creative and critical qualities of this everyday reading and writing practice, and discuss the importance of social annotation for student learning. I’ll also facilitate a workshop about creating an annotated syllabus.

June 7-11: Facilitating “Social Annotation in Humanities Teaching and Research” workshop at Digital Humanities Summer Institute

Social annotation technologies and practices are established and evidence-based features of both online and on-the-ground humanities classrooms, as well as digital humanities research. From social reading activities to social learning analytics, this week-long DHSI workshop will explore pedagogical and scholarly opportunities enabled by social annotation. Co-facilitated with Jeremy Dean from Hypothesis.

June 11: Presenting during “Technology Environments for Learning Community Research symposium at 2021 International Society of the Learning Sciences Annual Meeting

In collaboration with colleagues from around the world, this ISLS symposium will examine new technology environments developed for the study of classroom learning communities as a pedagogical approach. For additional information about social annotation and social learning analytics, please read my preprint “Designing a Social Learning Analytics Tool for Open Annotation and Collaborative Learning.

June 12: Facilitating “Social Annotation for Critical and Creative Literacy Education at the National Writing Project Rocky Mountain Regional Conference

This workshop invites literacy educators to explore technologies and strategies for social annotation, including free digital tools, instructional and curricular resources, educator communities, and professional learning projects.

June 21-25: Keynoting I Annotate 2021

With my Annotation co-author and dear friend Dr. Antero Garcia, we will present “#AnnoConvo: A Conversation about Annotation, Literacy, and Learning.” Our keynote will feature the literary, scholarly, civic, and everyday significance of annotation across historical and contemporary contexts. This conversational address will also focus on social annotation contributing to learners’ digital and civic literacies, how annotation enables creative and critical learning, as well as implications for teacher education and professional learning.

July 14 – Aug 4: Co-facilitating NCTE 2021 Summer Sandbox “Annotating Makes Thinking Visible”

In this Summer Sandbox, NCTE members are invited to explore historic, creative, civic, and disciplinary qualities of annotation. You will learn to use a new technology developed by the Library of Congress that features curated items from the library’s collections. This public tool will enable you and your students to engage with primary sources through annotation. Learn about the power of annotation from experts and then annotate a medieval manuscript, Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran War Memorial Proposal, and Zora Neale Hurston’s Proposed Recording Expedition into the Floridas. The resource-rich sandbox will include hands-on experimentation and opportunities for you to connect annotation with classroom practices that support your students’ critical and media literacies.  Co-facilitated with: Courtney McClellan, Innovator in Residence at the Library of Congress; Jaime Mears, Senior Innovation Specialist at the Library of Congress Labs; and Dr. Antero Garcia, Stanford University.


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