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A selection of recent recordings featuring Remi and his research about social annotation and learning (or watch Marginal Syllabus webinars).

Remi was lead presenter and organizer of “Social annotation as justice-oriented collaborative dialogue among K12 educators,” a webinar presented with Christina Cantrill, Jeremy Dean, Cherise McBride, and Dane Stickney during the CSCL In Times of Crisis series organized by the International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Introduction to #AnnotatedSyllabus activity with Maha Bali, a community-building resource with OneHE/Equity Unbound.

From the 2020 AECT presentation “Using social annotation to improve learning in the teacher education classroom” with Chris Andrews and Grant Chartrand.

Moderator of Hypothesis’ Liquid Margins Episode 14.

Excerpts from Hypothesis’ Liquid Margins webinar series.