University of Colorado Denver | School of Education and Human Development (2015-current)

EDHD 7712: Learning and Human Development

EDFN 7250: School and Society

INTE 4320/5320: Games and Learning

INTE 5340: Learning with Digital Stories

INTE 5830: Workshop: Games and Learning

INTE 6720: Research in Information and Learning Technologies

INTE 6759: Current Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology

CLDE 5180: Working with Communities and Families

University of Wisconsin Madison | School of Education (2010-2014)

C&I 370: Teaching Mathematics

C&I 373: Elementary Teaching Practicum III

UOnline Initiative, Education Outreach and Partnerships

University of Michigan | School of Education (2013-2014)

EDUC 362: The Michigan Student Caucus (

University of Michigan-Flint | School of Education and Human Services (2010-2014)

EDE 504: Learning in the 21st Century

EDT 525: Investigations in Open Education

EDT 542: Web-Based Educational Program Design

EDT 543: Advanced Web-Based Educational Program Design

EDT 535: Online Course Design

EDT 585: Designing for Engagement

EDT 630: Institute for Innovation in Education (

EDT 631: Online Project Collaboration Methods and Tools

EDT 632: Professional Seminar

EDT 641: Technology: Focus on Literacy Learning and Instruction

EDT 660: Classroom Enactment of Education Program

Global Program Residency (EDT 543, 690, 699)