I research everyday digital media practices as generative opportunities for educator learning. I am currently involved in the following research projects:

Web Annotation and Educator Learning

I am studying how educators participate in openly networked and collaboratively designed web annotation activities, with a focus on media practice, creativity and agency, and new forms of inquiry and civic engagement. Multiple nationally-recognized fellowships have helped launch this research: I am currently a OER Research Fellow with the Open Education Group (2017-18), and was named a National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellow (2016). In a related effort, I am an organizer of the Marginal Syllabus, an open professional learning effort that convenes monthly web annotation conversations about educational equity via partnerships with experts whose scholarship may be considered marginal to dominant education narratives. The Marginal Syllabus has partnered with the National Writing Project, which has agreed to host the 2017-18 Marginal Syllabus. To learn more about my interest in web annotation and educator learning, see my Featured Research.


I am serving as Co-Principal Investigator of ThinqStudio, a new initiative to spur the ethos and praxis of critical digital pedagogy in the heart of Colorado and across the CU Denver campus. Critical digital pedagogy reflects a renaissance in teaching and learning that is actively underway and embraces the rich diversity of teachers, learners, and tools co-mingling in the digital era. It is a community of practice and inquiry. It is a pedagogy that cultivates a culture of experimentation, social justice, and impact. ThinqStudio is an official partner of the Digital Pedagogy Lab.


I am serving as Co-Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation-funded grant “Implementing Techtivities to Promote Undergraduate Students’ Covariational Reasoning in College Algebra” (ITSCoRe). ITSCoRe aims to develop and validate a measure of students’ covariational reasoning, while also promoting greater student engagement and learning in college algebra. As a member of the ITSCoRe team, I will foster mathematics educators’ use of digital media and open learning resources, and I will contribute to the creation and facilitation of design-based professional development in support of transformed teaching practices and improved student learning.