I helped create, and continue to facilitate and research, the Marginal Syllabus.

The Marginal Syllabus convenes and sustains conversations with educators about issues of equity in teaching, learning, and education. Through author and organizational partnerships, most notably with the National Writing Project, and by using the open web annotation platform Hypothes.is, the Marginal Syllabus fosters a participatory and open experiment in professional learning for educators eager to join critical conversations about equity and education.

The Marginal Syllabus embraces an intentional political and technical double-entendre; we partner with authors whose writing may be considered marginal – or contrary – to dominant education narratives, and our online conversations occur in the margins of texts using web annotation.

Educator participation in the Marginal Syllabus informs my research into how educators pursue interest-driven learning via open web annotation. I also regularly blog about the Marginal Syllabus; read my recent posts about author partnerships, discursive pathways, and annotation as an open educational resource.

The 2017-18 Marginal Syllabus, hosted by the National Writing Project, explores the theme “Writing Our Civic Futures;” all texts and conversations can be accessed here or previewed below.