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#Annotate22 May: Annotation for

Annotation is a note added to a text. And you’re an annotator. You read and write annotation every day, it patterns the warp and weft of daily life.

Welcome to #Annotate22—one year, 365 examples—a project that’s part syllabus, educational mixtape, and public pedagogy.

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May 17: Annotation for eating stars.

May 17 tweet | May 17 Hypothesis annotation

“They flew into outer space. Ting told Ling with her mind to eat the stars.”

Tonight’s bedtime story Ling & Ting: Twice as Silly by Grace Lin with redaction, addition, and the major plot twist of mind reading with star eating. Toddler loved it! #Annotate22 137/365

Source: Ling & Ting: Twice as Silly.

May 16: Annotation for preparation.

May 16 tweet | May 16 Hypothesis annotation

“Americans can once again order free COVID-19 tests from the federal government by visiting In this round, the U.S. Postal Service will deliver eight free rapid antigen tests to any household in the U.S. that wants them.” I ordered mine today, please get some, too! #Annotate22 136/365

Source: NPR.

May 15: Annotation for cancellation.

May 15 tweet | May 15 Hypothesis annotation

“The New York Times wrote an opinion about student debt. This opinion is a bad one. It’s so bad, we annotated it. Our edits are bolded, and in all caps.” A must read analysis by The Debt Collectiveh/t Astra Taylor. #Annotate22 135/365

Source: NYT Student Debt Editorial, Annotated by the Debt Collective.

Screenshot of The Debt Colletive’s Medium post.

May 14: Annotation for wayfinding.

May 14 tweet | May 14 Hypothesis annotation

Yesterday my son and I visited Children’s Hospital Colorado and were greeted by this useful mix of 11 red arrows, hand-drawn and pointing in multiple directions, some with small black interior arrows, taped to a STOP sign. Helpful! #Annotate22 134/365

Original photograph.

May 13: Annotation for astrophysics.

May 13 tweet | May 13 Hypothesis annotation

“Sgr A* April 7, 2017”

The first image of Sagittarius A* the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way: “Ring-like images dominate the wide range of images obtained across multiple methods.” #Annotate22 133/365

Source: The Astrophysical Journal Letters (The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration et al. 2022)

Image credit: The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration/Kazunori Akiyama et al. 2022, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 930:L12.

May 12: Annotation for direction.

May 12 tweet | May 12 Hypothesis annotation

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

“Yogi Berra Way” street sign added to the Montclair, NJ, neighborhood where Berra lived. Edgewood Rd/Ter is a loop and the road winds up where it starts. Berra was born on this day, May 12, in 1925. #Annotate22 132/365

Image credit: Rmarkwallace via Wikimedia Commons/Wikipedia.

May 11: Annotation for documenting glacier loss.

May 11 tweet | May 11 Hypothesis annotation

The years “1911” and “2016” added to repeat photographs of Grinnell Glacier documenting glacier loss over 105 years. Glacier National Park was established on this day, May 11th, in 1910 by President William Taft. #Annotate22 131/365

Source: Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center/USGS.

Image credit: Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center/USGS.

May 10: Annotation for contextualizing heritage and hatred.

May 10 tweet | May 10 Hypothesis annotation

“Her response provided insight into the intimate connections between monuments, white public schools, and town celebrations of the Confederate past.” Today, May 10th, is Confederate Memorial Day in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Source: Dr. Karen L. Cox’s excellent book No Common Ground. #Annotate22 130/365

Original photograph.

May 9: Annotation for The Best Arguments Against Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

May 9 tweet | May 9 Hypothesis annotation

From David Golumbia: “This is my attempt to provide a curated, annotated selection of the best critical work on these topics.” A comprehensive garbology reader. #Annotate22 129/365

Screenshot of David Golumbia’s Medium post “The Best Arguments Against Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.”

May 8: Annotation for holotype.

May 8 tweet | May 8 Hypothesis annotation


A handwritten label added to the skull of USNM V 4928, a triceratops holotype: “It’s the gold standard for a species.” The CU Boulder triceratops returns to the Smithsonian after 41 years, safe travels. #Annotate22 128/365

Source: CU Boulder Today.

Original photograph.

May 7: Annotation for teachers.

May 7 tweet | May 7 Hypothesis annotation

“How do we become better storytellers of the craft of teaching?”
As #TeacherAppreciationWeek ends, an annotated poster about teaching and learning (marked up by colleagues during a professional learning workshop I co-facilitated in 2018). Thank you, educators, for supporting our learners, their families, and communities. #Annotate22 127/365

Original photograph.

May 6: Annotation for 3:59.4.

May 6 tweet | May 6 Hypothesis annotation

“Here at the Iffley Road Track the first sub-four minute mile was run on 6th May 1954 by Roger Bannister.”

A plaque at the University of Oxford marks Bannister’s achievement 68 years ago today. Hicham El Guerrouj’s current WR is 3:43.13. #Annotate22 126/365

May 5: Annotation for #RedDressDay.

May 5 tweet | May 5 Hypothesis annotation

Today, May 5th, is a day of awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People #MMIW #MMIWG2S. Read about artist Jaime Black’s 2010 “REDress Project” and the lasting power of symbols, awareness, and civic action (as with the removal and reimagining of a statue on February 14th, 2022). #Annotate22 125/365

Source: Jaime Black.

Image credit: Luc (@lcfrst2; shared with permission).

May 4: Annotation for The Torah of Reproductive Justice.

May 4 tweet | May 4 Hypothesis annotation

An “Annotated Source Sheet” by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg because: “Learning the sources that undergird Judaism’s approach to reproductive rights can help illuminate one of the major struggles of our day in new and, sometimes, surprising ways.” With original textual analysis and commentary shared via Sefaria. #Annotate22 124/365

Source: The Torah of Reproductive Justice (Annotated Source Sheet).

Image credit: Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg/Sefaria.

May 3: Annotation for reproductive health.

May 3 tweet | May 3 Hypothesis annotation

“The general assembly affirms the fundamental right of individual Coloradans to make their own reproductive health-care decisions.”

Five signatures and the date added to Colorado’s Reproductive Health Equity Act when signed into law on April 4th, 2022. #Annotate22 123/365

Source: Colorado Public Radio.

Image credit: Colorado General Assembly.

May 2: Annotation for taxation.

May 2 tweet | May 2 Hypothesis annotation

“The medium is the message…The time is now for childcare, healthcare, and climate action for all. Tax the Rich.”

U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at last year’s ​​Met Gala. I am curious what notes will accompany this year’s theme “Gilded Glamour” at the 2022 Met Gala. #Annotate22 122/365

Source: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Image credit: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

May 1: Annotation for workers.

May 1 tweet | May 1 Hypothesis annotation

“Going through the ruins of capitalism towards the international brotherhood of working people!”

The Caption of a 1920 poster from the archive of Kyiv’s Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary. Today is #MayDay #InternationalWorkersDay. #Annotate22 121/365

Source: USC Libraries.

Image credit: Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Library of UETS, accessed via USC Libraries.

A note about images:

#Annotate22 is an educational project and an act of public pedagogy. This year-long effort is comprised of blog posts, social media, and public Hypothesis annotations intended to advance new narratives about the relationship among annotation, literacy, and learning. Images are a key component of #Annotate22. The use of images follows best practices in fair use for media literacy education. Sources for all images are cited. Furthermore: a) Featured images are used for an educational purpose different than that of the original purpose, and are interpreted in an original and creative context; and b) The extent of featured images (i.e. a screenshot) is appropriate for the purposes of teaching and learning.

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