biopic-001— I research and design educator learning associated with everyday digital media practices —

My research includes two primary focuses. First, I investigate how everyday digital media practices, such as play, inquiry, and creative production inform educator learning and teaching in STEM fields (Holden, 2016a; Kalir, forthcoming; Saunders & Kalir, 2016). Second, I use design-based research methods to co-create innovations and refine theoretical conjectures about educator learning with digital media (Holden, Fahy, Kupperman, & Stanzler, 2015; Holden et al., 2014; Kalir et al., forthcoming). My research is often interdisciplinary, embracing critical and sociocultural perspectives to examine relations among media, educator agency, and learning (Holden, Poggione, & Kupperman, 2016; Hollett & Kalir, forthcoming; Kalir, 2016b). [See my publications for access to referenced literature.]

I am an Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development. Since joining the CU Denver faculty in January of 2015, I have been named a Creative Research Collaborative Fellow and a member of the University of Colorado President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative. I am also a National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellow, and have initiated a research collaboration with the non-profit organization Hypothesis to advance Playful Annotation with Hypothesis Studying Interactive Text (PAHSIT).

I earned my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Education, my M.A. with the University of Michigan-Flint’s Technology in Education: Global Program, and a B.A. with department honors from Earlham College. I am a co-founder of the University of Michigan’s Institute for Innovation in Education, and – with colleagues from UM’s Interactive Communications and Simulations Group – have designed and facilitated educational technology partnerships in support of educator and youth learning on four continents (in Canada, the Czech Republic, Jamaica, Oman, South Africa, and Switzerland). I am an avid runner, and enjoy classic film, cooking, and hiking Colorado’s mountains.

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